In This Together

This is a stressful time.  That may very well be an understatement.  With all businesses ordered closed except for essential services, we are all wondering what is next and if the companies we are a part of or run will still be there after COVID-19 is no longer a crisis.

In the meantime, it remains a pandemic that is changing in rapid pace our routines and social interaction.  Many businesses will not survive.  People will be affected, and some people will be lost as a result of this horrible virus as has already occurred.   It saddens us to think about the potential and very real impact this crisis is having.  To stay on top of best practices, we recommend keeping up with developments and to adhere to the directions and recommendations from the CDC and other governmental agencies.

Currently, California has issued an order to stay at home.  The order is to remain in effect indefinitely until otherwise superseded.  Please see below for details:

We, in turn, will provide you advice and support in regard to how best attend to your employees in this trying time.  If you have specific concerns in regard to working remotely, safety issues, managing time off, performing layoffs, and anything else impacted by state orders and the health crisis, please reach out to us so that we can provide you the answers you seek.

We won’t charge you for your initial consultation with us.  Instead, we encourage you to donate to local organizations providing community relief efforts such as the United Way (  We also encourage everyone to make the time to give badly needed blood.  The need is urgent so please schedule this now at–covid-19–and-blood-donation.html.


We are all in this together.