Families First Coronavirus Response Act


Sitting here at home, as I am sure most of you are, the world seems to have come to an almost full-stop.  Yet, none of us can just hit the pause button.  We still need to eat, have shelter, and take care of our various personal, financial, and professional obligations.

To start helping and to shore up the US economy, the US government has initiated steps to support those in need.  The first step in what will likely become a flow of additional support measures is the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA).

Instead of getting into a lot of detail about it, the National Law Review wrote a detailed explanation of what it means to both employers and employees.  You can always contact us for further explanation and assistance.  A link to the article is below:


Additionally, California has removed the waiting period (it was one week) for those applying for unemployment benefits.  This allows employees who have reduced hours, been furloughed, or been laid off to collect monetary support immediately instead of having to wait one week.  In addition, the requirement to show proof that you are job searching has been waived.

The one week waiting period has also been removed for those applying for short-term disability (SDI) as a result of having COVID-19.  For guidance about California unemployment and SDI as well as other resources, please click the links below:



Lastly, please post the following poster produced by the Federal government regarding the rights employees have in your workforce.  This is required and we recommend also notifying your employees of their rights since many of them are likely now working from home.


Please reach us if you have questions or need help.  We won’t charge you for your initial consultation with us.  Instead, we continue to encourage you to donate to local organizations providing community relief efforts such as the United Way (https://www.unitedwaysca.org/coviduw) or to give badly needed blood.  You can schedule a blood donation at www.redcrossblood.org/donate-blood/dlp/coronavirus–covid-19–and-blood-donation.html.

We are all in this together.