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It is important to be able to have someone to turn to when you need help.  After all, you can’t take back an uninformed decision.  While you can always Google for answers, solutions are typically only as good as the question you ask.  Because of that, the answer you think is right may very well be insufficient, exposing you to risks and liabilities that you may not have even known existed.  It isn’t your job to be an expert in Human Resources and employment law, but it is certainly our job to be!  Get an expert in your corner for just a couple of dollars a day or pay as you go.  Either way, we are here to support you and give you the answers you need.
Our low-cost subscription service is only dollars a day and gives you unlimited remote support* on a a variety of HR-related subjects such as:
Compensation Structure
Performance Management
Wage and Hour Law
Regulatory Compliance
Employee Leaves
On-Boarding Procedures
Hostile Work Environment Complaints
Industrial Hygiene
Workplace Safety and Security
Workers’ Compensation
Discrimination and Harassment
And More
We are at the ready to advise you regarding any human resource related concern you have.  Contact us now and make us part of your team.

*Remote support does not include deliverable items such as letters, memos, and HR documents or include in-person support.