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Whether large or small, private or public, for-profit or non-profit, we design our solutions with you in mind.

HR Partner Program

Growing your company and need HR help? For a fraction of the cost of hiring an HR manager, you can hire an entire HR department. Our HR Partner Program provides you dedicated service and in-person support for all your HR needs.


Sometimes you just need something specific. Need a compliance audit? Have a workplace complaint that needs investigating? Or perhaps a large-scale project within an area of expertise your current HR department isn’t resourced to provide? HR On-Call has the scalable solutions you need and the team of experts who can deliver.


At HR On-Call, we provide management and employee training using Senior Level Consultants. Whether it be for compliance or the launching of new initiatives, our team creates customized and engaging training programs that deliver results.


Powered by Performance Pay, effectively manage your payroll and gain both flexibility and power over your labor costs and time management. Secure, on-the-go, and accessible anytime and anywhere, we offer payroll and HRIS that is as robust as our HR support.