Partner Program

Need HR help, but can’t afford to hire an HR Manager? Get the HR professional help you need for a fraction of the cost…all for a flat monthly rate that makes budgeting simple.


Need a workplace investigation, compensation analysis, HR audit, or organizational redesign? Whatever the project, we have the resources and professionals who can help you.


At HR On-Call, we provide management and employee training using Senior Level Consultants. We conduct compliance audits with needs assessments and recommendations we can help implement.


Get payroll done easy anytime and anywhere. We provide comprehensive payroll services as a stand-alone that effectively interface with our overall HR support.

Welcome to HR On-Call

We are a minority-owned firm comprised of HR professionals who are dedicated to you and your organization. As business professionals too, our capacity to understand your business needs goes beyond just traditional HR. As such, we are not simply here to mitigate your risks; we are here to help you thrive.

In response to the unique HR challenges you face, we provide affordable and scalable solutions that alleviate stress and allow you to focus on your organization’s core mission. No matter what the challenge, we have relevant, responsive, and results-oriented solutions.

Hire the best. Manage your staff right. Support the organization’s objectives. Protect yourself from potential liabilities. Provide your people the space, training, and support they need to be successful. We do all that and much more.


At HR On-Call, we bring out the best in your employees.



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Our Expertise

Comprehensive people solutions tailored to your business:

  • Federal/State/Local HR Compliance
  • Training & Development
  • HR Support Services
  • Workforce Management
  • Organizational Development & Behavior Sciences
  • HR Audits
  • Investigations & Workplace Conflict Resolution
  • And much more…


Helping Small Businesses

Just as you may outsource peripheral business responsibilities such as bookkeeping and marketing so that you can focus on your core business objectives, you may also take advantage of our expertise to help you manage the most important resource you have…your employees.

Our Services

Whether large or small, private or public, for-profit or non-profit, we design our solutions with you in mind.

HR Partner Program

Growing your company and need HR help? For a fraction of the cost of hiring an HR manager, you can hire an entire HR department. Our HR Partner Program provides you dedicated service and in-person support for all your HR needs.


Sometimes you just need something specific. Need a compliance audit? Have a workplace complaint that needs investigating? Or perhaps a large-scale project within an area of expertise your current HR department isn’t resourced to provide? HR On-Call has the scalable solutions you need and the team of experts who can deliver.


At HR On-Call, we provide management and employee training using Senior Level Consultants. Whether it be for compliance or the launching of new initiatives, our team creates customized and engaging training programs that deliver results.


Powered by Performance Pay, effectively manage your payroll and gain both flexibility and power over your labor costs and time management. Secure, on-the-go, and accessible anytime and anywhere, we offer payroll and HRIS that is as robust as our HR support.

What We Do…

We work as partners to mitigate risks and enhance the well-being, capabilities, productivity, and retention of your employees.
We are vested in your success and identify with it as an affirmation of our values and mission.

Developing Talent

We provide coaching, mentoring, and training for all your organization’s leaders and employees. Utilizing proven tactics, we help develop their talent and effectively nurture their potential to perform at high levels. Strong leaders and teams are not born; they are the sum of their knowledge, training, and experiences. By utilizing our expertise and tools, we’ll help you make your team and leaders strong so that they and your organization can excel.

Building Organizational Effectiveness

Building organizational effectiveness is all about having the right strategy, systems, and people in place to dynamically move organizations to their desired outcomes. The best performing teams are linked by a common purpose, a common approach, and mutual accountability. HR On-Call accomplishes this helping our clients align people with their strengths, give their work meaning, reward them fairly, and care for their well-being.

Creating Healthy and Safe Workplaces

Companies with high employee engagement rates are 21% more productive and have 270% higher operating gross margins on average than companies whose employees have low engagement. We can help you create an environment and culture in which your employees feel safe, secure, and involved. By effectively addressing negative and unproductive workplace conflict, improving your safety programs, and providing effective training customized to your organization’s challenges, we can help you reap the rewards of having an engaged workforce.

Cultivating Robust Leadership and Teams

Organizations that cultivate strong leaders and teams generate value that is more than the sum of its parts; creating synergies that allow them to deftly navigate obstacles that come their way. Establishing the processes to make it possible can be daunting even for the most established organizations. Whether it is to clarify roles, define objectives, or create effective communication strategies, our role is to be the extra manager you need to get the work done right.