Updated COVID ETS in California

Though we are certainly in a better place than we were 2 years ago (no vaccine, no therapeutics, no real understanding of transmissibility), COVID is certainly an issue we will have to contend with for much more time to come.  Even as it transitions from the epidemic stage to the endemic stage, the threat it poses to both individuals and to organizations continues.

Just as the threat continues though at a lower risk-factor, the rules of engagement continue to evolve with that in consideration.  Reflecting the data and evolving conclusions about COVID risks and transmissibility from both the CDC and the California Department of Public Health, Cal-OSHA issued an updated Emergency Temporary Standard (ETS) on May 6th.

In the updated ETS, language has been softened, exclusion requirements have been simplified, and the cleaning and disinfection requirements have been removed.  For details about the changes, please follow the link:  https://www.dir.ca.gov/DIRNews/2022/2022-40.html.

Part of the ETS is that every company is required to have a COVID plan in place and have all their staff advised of the plan and what is included within it.  If you are doing this yourself, use the link above as tool to identify the changes you need to make.  If you have not created a plan, you are not only at risk of not properly following COVID rules and thus being exposed to litigation, but also at risk of fines from Cal-OSHA.

If this is an area you need help in, contact us and we can prepare a plan for you at minimal cost, making you both compliant and better prepared to respond to COVID-related issues that may arise in your workplace.  You may also contact us with questions, of course.

We are always a call away and at the ready to help with all your HR needs in Southern California and beyond.